At J-C Angus Ranch, our focus is to produce worry-free cattle that perform in the real world and excel in the economically important traits of fertility, calving ease, growth, feed efficiency, and carcass merit.

We feel that as a registered breeder we have a responsibility to raise the most profitable cattle that we can for the commercial cattle industry.

We believe that profitability starts with fertility and we cull any females that do not calve every year. The next most important trait for us is calving ease. We have found that calves that die at birth don't have very good weaning weights. Once that live calf is on the ground, we want him to grow rapidly and efficiently.

In watching the results at the Tucumcari Bull test over the years, one of the things that we have seen is the fastest growing calves are the most efficient calves also. There seems to be a high correlation between rapid growth and efficiency of feed conversion. This feed efficiency also impacts how efficient the cows are at converting grass. Once these calves grow out, they need to provide value for the packer and consumer with high quality carcass characteristics.

We are utilizing bloodlines that excel in these traits as well. Our goal is to provide genetics with

Performance you can count on!