Pictures of cows, kids, and people;

(Yes, it is a calf in the bathtub.  When you have a cooollldd winter, the calves are to cold to get up when they are born at night.  If we can catch them in time we warm them up.  If you'll note, the water is pretty icky..... Hey!  If the calf lives, it was worth it!)



Feeding Hay during the winter.  Amazing how fast those cows come when they hear the truck!



Tagging calves when they are born;  Momma Cow was not too happy....



Bull Sales;

The "Menfolk" talking bull talk.









Scenic Pictures of the Ranch;


There is a saying that "there is a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow."

We all know it is just a saying, but in this picture, I think it is true.